Nanaimo Property Management

Connecting People & Property in Nanaimo.

Strata Management

Bayview is here to provide you and your Nanaimo Strata organization with extensive Management Services, Accounting Only Services or Consulting Services.

All of our services can be completely customized to your requirements. All Bayview Nanaimo Clients receive access to our detailed banking, legal and insurance programs.

Rental Management

Bayview is here to assist you with everything associated to your Nanaimo rental property 24/7. We will take the stress and worries out of your rental property. We are the top in rental property management services in Nanaimo.

Developer Services

New Nanaimo developments - Bayview is here to help with the set up and management. We use proper business practices and community essentials to satisfy both the developer and future residents.

Bayview is here for all new Nanaimo developments of all sizes - large or small we can pave the way for a secure and successful development.

Commercial Services

We understand that every Nanaimo property is distinct so our managers work with each property owner to establish effective commutations. We ensure that all expectations and obligations are clear and that inquires are handled quickly and effectively.

Delivering pro-active management services in Nanaimo is the advantage of Bayview.